Managed Care Services

Sechaba is focused on providing quality care at an affordable cost. It does this through optimal management of benefits using protocols and funding policies underpinned by evidence based medicine.

Patient Centred Care

Empowered, educated, informed and supported members take care of themselves and their health. Members are risk profiled for 26 CDL conditions and depression. Dedicated case managers actively support members that are identified as high risk patients. This allows for opportunities to intervene before hospitalisation becomes necessary leading to better patient outcomes and less cost to the Scheme.

State of the Art Technology

We have invested in new a technology to support our managed care programs. The IT system efficiencies ensure that we provided an integrated health management system which is highly scalable.  We continuously develop and maintain good relationships with the providers and make sure that they understand patient benefits.  The combination of informed members and providers on the one hand, and the efficiency of our systems on the other, is a very powerful tool in managed care that assists us in containing costs linked to HIV and other chronic diseases that are actively managed using the Patient Centred Care program.  

Technology is used to marry managed care with patient care. Because the various platforms share the same underlying databases, Sechaba can provide sophisticated data management and powerful reporting tools to identify unfavourable practice profiles for both providers and members. With information integrated into the daily workflow, funders and providers can make more informed decisions, serve members better and gain a competitive edge.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance unit monitors quality across the various business units to meet our very high standards of care and excellence. A continuous improvement program is in place including continuous professional development of our highly skilled clinical staff.

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